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Tuesday, August 18th, 2020 - baby shower invitation

Free baby shower invitation template –  Having a great baby shower invitation is really a MUST, primarily because it represents your event to your guests, and any first impressions will happen the minute they check your invitation out. There are two ingredients on having a wonderful invitation: creativity and completeness.

Creativity actually depends on how much time, brainpower, effort, and of course, money, you plan to invest on your invitation.

You could go with non-card/non-paper invitations, wherein you could wow your guests and still have a healthy budget. Or you could just go with the norm and send out card invitations, which could still be creative, even though it’s more typical than a non-card one.

If you would rather go for non-card invitations, then your options include cookies and any baby articles. Cookie invitations are quite a treasure for anyone throwing a theme-based shower, since it’s quite easy to shape according to something that represents your theme. If you don’t find cookies to your taste, then there are versatile baby articles that you could just tweak a bit, which will result to an instant creative baby shower invitation. More details on another article called Creative Baby Shower Invitations, since this one is primarily for creative PAPER invitations.

Now, to card-creation business. First, you need to have an idea on the general look and feel of your baby shower invitation. You could just check out sample invitations via the Internet to get some inputs.

Once you already have some specific designs in mind, you could just create those designs using your favorite photo editor. With the advent of new photo editors, creating boxes and circles are as easy as 1-2-3 (Adobe Photoshop comes with great custom shapes, and more shapes are downloadable from certain websites). If you, like us, have some problem seeing whether a drawing is in the center or not, just enable the rulers feature of your photo editor, and positioning shouldn’t be that difficult afterwards.

Now, for the clip arts. Microsoft comes with fantastic clip arts related to babies and baby shower ( If you want to use them as is, then it’s just a matter of dragging each picture in Word, copying it (Ctrl-C) and pasting it (Ctrl-V) in your photo editor. You should be able to manipulate it from there, and you could already integrate it on the invitation template that you created with those custom shapes we were discussing before.

When customizing your clip arts, it’s important to relate your image to your baby shower theme. However, you could also opt to just include your theme in your overall card design, and just leave your downloaded clip art as is.

Now, for the necessary information that should be included on your invitation:

Name of mom-to-be/parents
Date and time of the shower
Where will the shower be held
Theme and shower type
Who’s throwing the shower
Give details on how to RSVP
If registered to gift registry, provide details
Other instructions
The other items are quite self-explanatory so there’s no point on discussing them. The Other Instructions section, on the other hand, should contain all the other details that your guests should know in relation to your shower. For example, if you need your guests to bring something to the shower (eg. Bring your baby’s pictures), then this is where you place it. Information like, this is a surprise shower, will also appear here. In short, anything that you need your guests to know (and act upon) that are not covered by the other sections, should be indicated here.

Got all that? Then you’re all set in creating your very own baby shower invitations!

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